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    I try to add my iCloud account to App Suite and receive the error message that the smtp server ( could not be contacted. After a deeper investigation I assume that STARTTLS over TCP 587 is somehow not supported by App Suite. Port 465 (SSL/TLS) is not open by Apple.

    I tried to add my account to Thunderbird to verify my account settings (username/password) with success.

    Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Any ideas?
    Is it me, Apple or OX? Or a combination of all?

    Thank you!


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      I don't have such an account but it should be certainly possible to have an external account connecting to port 587 with STARTTLS. As 587 is the official submission port it is key that it is providing STARTTLS support. I can also confirm that it works with other email providers.
      I'm pretty sure that there is something else wrong which I cannot spot from your description. The only thing to mention is that to use STARTTLS the checkbox for SSL must not be ticked. App Suite will opportunistically use STARTTLS if available.
      If you don't trust that you also have the option to enable
      but this will globally disallow any unencrypted mail accounts.


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        Thank you. It works. On the second attempt. Even though I have configured it exactly the same way as you discribed. Maybe "layer 8" problem.

        However I see this in my log (repeatable):

        2016-04-18T09:21:08,158+0200 ERROR [OXWorker-0001349] com.openexchange.ajax.Multiple.logError(Multiple.j ava:736)
        ACC-0002 Categories=ERROR Message='Cannot find mail account with identifier 3 for user 3 in context 1.' exceptionID=1931743181-245

        Everything seems to work ok. Any ideas what is causing this error message? (same message for gmail and/or other accounts).

        Thank you in advance!