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    Hallo zusammen,

    !! English version below !!

    ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher ob ich auf deutsch oder englisch posten soll, also mache ich einfach beides.

    Gibt es die möglichkeit Benutzer aus dem globalem Adressbuch auszuschließen?
    Folgendes Sezenario:
    Wir arbeiten viel mit Konten die wir als 'non-active' bezeichnen. Sprich, man kann sich mit Ihnen nicht Anmelden, aber darüber Mails empfangen und auch versenden. Da diese Konten ausschließlich als Sammelpostfächer für externe Mails genutzt werden würde ich diese Konten gerne aus dem Adressbuch entfernen. Gibt es da eine möglichkeit das zu tun?

    Info zum Setup:
    Wir nutzen die aktuelle OX AppSuite auf Basis der UCS App.

    --- English version ---
    Is it possible to exclude users from the global address book?
    Following szenario:
    We work alot with accounts that we call 'non-active' meaning that these accounts can send and receive mail, but no one can log into them. These accounts are online used as bulk mailboxes for requests from customers, so I would like to exclude these 'non-active' users from the global address book. Is this possible?

    Info to our setup:
    We're using the newest AppSuite based on the App from UCS.

    Gruß / Regars,


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    Just to get greater coverage I'm answering in english but asking in german is not "wrong" ;-)

    I don't think there is a solution for it.

    If you would have a self integrated App Suite I would just say don't create those as OX accounts but just on IMAP level but this is most likely not an option with UCS. Or is there any option to just create IMAP accounts w/o OX at the same time? Probably a question for the UCS guys.
    As soon as an account is created within OX it will be shown in the global addressbook. There is no way to configure this.


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      hi all,

      maybe this could be an option for you:

      1.) delete the user from the UMC
      2.) in the mail module of the UMC you just create a new "mailinglist" object
      3.) name it like the former primary mail address
      4.) put all the recipients into the list

      All incoming mails will be forwarded into the mailboxes you specified before.
      Because there is no primary email anymore, mailinglists aren't listed in the global addressbook.

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