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ox guard on debian 8 with apache 2.4

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  • ox guard on debian 8 with apache 2.4

    Hi all,
    I'm just trying to migrate our OX appsuite System 7.8.0, running on a debian 7 system to a fresh installed debian 8 system. Therfore, I installed the same ox packages and versions with the same configuration like on the debian 7 system on the new system.
    Everything works fine so far, beside one thing. I can't decrypt pgp encrypted mails in the ox web interface anymore, instead of asking me for the guard securtiy password, I'm getting the encrypted email as an attachment and the email itself contain the message "This email was sent using PGP Encryption. In order to read this email, you should use the webmail system for decoding and managing this email"
    In the Guard-PGP-Settings the pgp Keys are available as well writing email with pgp encryption is working fine. There are no error messages in the logs, neither in openxchange.log.0 nor in guard.log.
    I checked the config and the installed packages several times, everything seems ok, and the same as on the production system with debian 7.

    I think it is an debian8 apache 2.4 issue or misconfiguration, while in debian7 both appsuite and guard ui resides under /var/www, in debian8 resides appsuite under /var/www/html and guard ui unter /var/www, however the different locations doesn't reflect in the apache config?

    Any help would be welcome, Thanks

    Version der Benutzeroberfläche: 7.8.0 Rev26
    Server-Version: 7.8.0-Rev33

    Guard server Version: 2.2.1-rev10