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Cannot Search Certain Participants on Calanedar

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  • Wolfgang Rosenauer
    Unfortunately I don't know what might be happening. First thing you could check would be with Firebug if there are search requests fired towards the middleware.

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  • kprimar
    started a topic Cannot Search Certain Participants on Calanedar

    Cannot Search Certain Participants on Calanedar

    Good afternoon,

    I've noticed a reoccurring issue being encountered by multiple users in our facility.

    Sometimes, when you create an event and try to add participants,certain users are not searchable. We have OX configured with Active Directory, so when I begin typing a name, it typically starts to give me suggestions.

    However, once and a while I may search for, John Smith for example, who I know is an active employee, and I've invited him to things in the past, but his name will not show up. If I try searching for any person or resource whose name starts with J, they will not appear. If I try searching John Smith's last name, he still won't show up, but other names beginning in S will.

    If I log out and log back in, this seems to fix the issue. However, a few days/weeks late, I may run into the same issue, but with a different user/letter. This time, Chris Doe maybe not show up, and neither will Conference Room 1 or 2.

    Any thoughts on what the issue may be?