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Appsuite + Mail + Attachment + sime -> error

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  • Appsuite + Mail + Attachment + sime -> error


    I just noticed the following bug(?) in the appsuite:
    E-Mail with PDF is forwarded to a mailing list.
    The forwarder is using a x509 certificate to sign (only) the mail.
    The mail is displayed correctly.
    The attachment is shown, but it is not shown or can be saved. The
    appsuite tries to open the public key (sime.p7) and not the pdf.

    Thunderbird has no problems. The mail (source view) is looking good, too.

    Any idea ?

    Open-Xchange Server
    GUI Version: 6.22.10 Rev8
    Server Version: 7.8.0-Rev35

    dedicate mail server (cyrus)

    Bye, Peer

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    Hello Peer.
    I've opened a ticket for a similar issue: if you forward as attachment twice an HTML email, the original HTML cannot be opened in the second mail of the chain.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Set your OX setting to "Forward as attachment".
    Send yourself an html email with some basic text.
    Verify the message can be opened normally.
    Forward the message to yourself with some new HTML text.
    Verify the message opens, new text can be read; open the attached .eml and see it.
    Forward the forwarded message with other HTML text.
    Now the message has one .eml attachment that includes another .eml attachment.
    "other text" is shown. Open the eml attachment.
    The "outer" eml opens correctly.
    Now open the "inner" eml, which corresponds to the first message, and:
    GUI 6 shows a blank page with the "loading" animation, forever
    GUI 7 shows an email but with blanks

    Does it look the same to your problem?


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      Dear Paolo,

      what I did now:

      1) Create an email with pdf attachment.
      2) Check in Thunderbird an OX
      3) Forward the mail (inline and as attachment) - worked for OX and Thunderbird
      4) Forwarded the mail to a mailinglist -> Thunderbird fine; OX can not open the pdf !

      If added a link to the mail source code.
      Bye, Peer