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gui_spam_filter_capabilities_enabled on context level?

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  • Wolfgang Rosenauer
    There is no other way at this moment. And yes, you are right, that having this setting _only_ per user is inconvenient and it is for historical reasons. We feel the same ;-)
    In many cases though it's not hard to implement this in the provisioning when you create the user. What can be a pain (depending on how many users there are) is enabling the feature later as it requires the provisioning system or the admin to loop over all contexts and users to enable this setting.

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  • gui_spam_filter_capabilities_enabled on context level?


    We are currently looking to enable the SpamExperts integration in App Suite.

    However, there is one factor that complicates things a bit, namely the gui_spam_filter_capabilities_enabled that has to be set for each user.

    I've been trying to find a way of enabling this capability on a context level, but I have not been successful.

    By enabling the capabilities "com.spamexperts" and "spam" for a context, the spam filter features do indeed appear in the App Suite (both the report spam/ham buttons in the mail toolbar, and the SpamPanel integration), however, reporting SPAM/HAM does not work without the gui_spam_filter_capabilities_enabled set to "true" for each user.

    Does anyone have a solution for this? As spam filtering is really enabled for an entire domain (at least for SpamExperts) it really doesn't make sense to have to enable this per user.