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  • Missing features in Appsuite


    lots of our customers looking for some features in Appsuite that are awesome in OX6 view.
    Two main features - little stuff with big effects:

    Team: creating individual teamview to work with or use for quick schedulings in calendars. It's not the same in OX6 and AppS and no import option available.

    Categories: awesome tool since linking has been dropped with OX5 (long time ago, I know) In OX6 you can create as many categories as you need and mark it with different colors. Categories can be used in nearly each entry and are searchable. There is nothing similar in AppS available.

    Some other: search options are less in Appsuite then in OX6, marking lots of entries - Appsuite needs twice marking or you get only the first 50 lines ...

    A nice compromise is the eZ plugins from digitec but this is just another add on with lots of features not everybody is willing to use or pay for.

    Until AppS does'nt support categories and/or linking I hope OX6 will be supported. It's also a "beloved" UI for all how left Outlook behind

    So there is no question in this post, I only wanted to mention this issues public.

    Ursula (pro-ite)

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    eZ Core

    Ein Add-On ist verfügbar, das wir getestet haben und empfehlen können
    eZ Core: Damit lassen sich viele Groupwarefunktionen der Appsuite erweitern, miteinander verlinken, mit Schlagworten versehen usw. eZ Core, optional erweiterbar für Projects oder Sales.