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  • Assign Signature to selected E-mail address

    Hi There,

    I have a question about the multiple email address and signature relations in OX App Suite.

    How can we automatically assign a signature to the selected email sender?
    I wondering there is no way to do that in the settings options, and there is no other method to do that.

    What is the method to do it. For example: + default signature + secondary signature

    If I start to write a letter and select the second email, normally the signature must change to.
    I doesn't like this manual mode. When a user send a mail and doesn't change, then a false signature is going out and it's a really bad thing.

    Please let me know, how to fix this or I'm courius about a solution.

    Or, I need to auto add a signature at the mail server when sending mails out??? Really bad solution...



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    You are right about the auto add solution, that would be possbile:

    e.g. a sieve filter for all outgoing e-mails (before they pass the smtp/sendmail server finally) which adds the signatures according to the reciever could solve this problem, but you can not see the signature anymore before you send the mail - I think this is a very big disadvantage.

    A Open-Xchange GUI based solution would be great.