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Twitter Widget show error message

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  • Twitter Widget show error message

    Hi all,
    I currently testing the Twitter Widget in AppSuite
    UI version: 7.10.2 Rev7
    Server version: 7.10.2-Rev9
    I have registered the ox Twitter App on for the Callback Url and would like to receive the apiKey and apiSecret.
    After setting up OX with the apiKey and apiSecret, I can successfully add my twitter account and authorize the OX Twitter App use my account with the OX Twitter widget.
    After that, instead of displaying the twitter timeline, the Widget displays the error message:
    "An error occured inside the server which prevented it from fulfilling the request"
    However, I can not find any Error Message in the logfile, that point to missconfiguration or missing package.

    For solutions to this problem, I would be grateful!

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    Can you please check with the browser web console what the full error message is? There might be one from the server which has a bit more details in the reply to the request.


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      This is what I found related to twitter with the browser web console, hope this would be helpful?

      XHRPUThttps://<oxserver>/appsuite/api/oauth/proxy?api=twitter&session=e41adac5c6a3487b90310488 59429505 [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 3ms]

      Query string
      api twitter
      session e41adac5c6a3487b9031048859429505
      type: GET

      Request payload
      1 {"url":"","type":"GET"}


      XHRPUThttps://oxserver/appsuite/api/oauth/proxy?api=twitter&session=e41adac5c6a3487b90310488 59429505 [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 15ms]
      error Auf dem Server trat ein vorübergehender Fehler auf. Die Anfrage konnte nicht verarbeitet werden.
      error_params […]
      0 api
      1 twitter
      categories USER_INPUT
      category 1
      code SVL-0010
      error_id -1627990009-5018
      error_desc Invalid parameter "api": twitter

      Response payload

      1 {"error":"Auf dem Server trat ein vorübergehender Fehler auf. Die Anfrage konnte nicht verarbeitet werden. ","error_params": ["api","twitter"],"categories":"USER_INPUT","category":1,"code": "SV L-0010","error_id":"-1627990009-5019","error_desc":"Invalid parameter "api": twitter"}


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        FYI: Open-Xchange Public Patch 2019-11-25 for App Suite Middleware (backend) v7.10.2-rev18v7.10.2-rev18 solves this issue.