Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered OX intermittently being unresponsive after upgrading to 7.10.2-rev17. The server sometimes does not seem to give a timely response to the Javascript client in the browser. It seems this mainly occurs when trying to open mail. Though it could also be that since mail is the function people use most of the time this is simply the place where it is the most apparent. Before I ran 7.10.1-rev4 and didn't have any issues. I also updated to 7.10.2-Rev19 of the 7.10.2 branch but that didn't fix the problem.

I run OX on OpenJDK 8 (1.8.0_222) with Dovecot as IMAP backend. The OX server is configured with a heap of 4GB and there don't seem to be any abnormal GC pauses. Heap usage itself never seems to go over 1.5GB. The container in which OX runs has access to 4 cores and the JVM is told so via the "-XX:ActiveProcessorCount=4" flag. OX has about 125 threads at any given time which sometimes peaks to a 150.

Can anyone offer insights?