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Documents file lock gone? / Dokumente Sperrmodus weg?

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  • Documents file lock gone? / Dokumente Sperrmodus weg?

    After an update to/in 7.10.4 the shared editing of documents changed: there is no lock anymore. We are missing this feature. Is there any we to enable it in a config as administrator again?

    Nach einem Update auf oder in 7.10.4 ist der Sperrmodus beim Dokumente editieren verschwunden. Wir würden den gern wieder aktiveren. Gibt es dafür eine Einstellung als Administrator?

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    Not sure what you mean?
    Which "lock"? There still is a a lock function for files so that others cannot easily overwrite it. Or do you mean within the edit mode?


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      When you use the document editing in the appsuite with more than 1 user editing the same document, earlier versions locked the document for all users but one, and when another wants to edit the file you need to get the lock.

      Therefore only one user was able to edit at the same time - which was great.

      Now users can edit parallel - which is a problem for us when for example one user adds a new line at the end of a table and another user is also editing the new line - then the second user which hits "return" will overwrite the line of the first user - and data is lost which is horrible...
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        ok, thanks for the explanation.
        The new mode was requested by a large amount of customers and users and was a limitation in the past. So we are happy that we finally can offer the new mode. The old behaviour is not available anymore.
        But on the other hand we are certainly interested in feedback about usability and possible issues.
        Therefore can you please describe a bit more in detail what type of document (Text, Spreadsheet) and what you mean with "new line at the end of the table". Are you talking about editing the same cell or something different?


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          We are using Spreadsheet:

          2 users have 1 file open nearly all day, where new information is added from time to time.


          Imagine we have 1 row filled with data.

          User 1 starts to write something to the first column of row 2 - has not jet hit return and then phone is ringing (happens frequently for us).

          Meanwhile User 2 starts to write something to the first column of row 2, too - since user 1 has not hit return user 2 cannot know that user 1 is writing to that cell.

          User 2 writes and hits return and fills data to the cell.

          User 1 stops phoning and completes writing to the cell to and hits return.

          Data of User 2 is lost - only data of user 1 is visible.

          What should have happened:

          either: user 2 sees that user 1 is writing to that cell (cell locked or grayed out or big exclamation mark on that cell)
          or: user 1 creates a new cell one row below (cloud be a problem if there is already content in that row too!)
          or: user 1 gets a conflict solving popup which asks what should happen so that at least user is noticed that data is lost

          I see that parallel working is a cool thing, but writing to the same cell (spreadsheet) or to the same words/lines (Text) should not be possible.
          Same problem would be when users are marking text in different colors in text having the same words marked and so on...

          In text I would like to see where the cursor of the other user is, to have an idea where not to write something... If that cursor is not perfectly synchronized with every key press, that might work anyway since I know in which paragraph/line someone is writing...
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            Thanks for the detailed feedback.

            To avoid such situations, we consider making it clear in the markup if a cell is in edit mode, in comparison to now where the user can only see that the cell is selected, but there is no distinction for being edited. Then the second user should simply avoid editing a cell that is already being edited by somebody else. We only consider this because editing a cell is very special, because there are no updates before pressing enter. Editing text in OX Text works as designed, there won’t be any paragraph locks.
            The other user's cursor should be visible in OX Text though when editing?


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              unfortunately the users are often working very quick, therefore "avoid editing" is too easy to be ignored..

              Paragraph locks in Text won't be necessary for me, too - but seeing the cursor would be great - even if not always perfectly synchronized. Right now I have no indication where the other users is working in the Text file.


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                The point is. The cursor should be visible. At least it is supposed to and is for me.


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                  We tested it on different browsers, but cannot see the cursor of the other users. The letters the other users write just appear.