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Changing Filestore / OXDrive size limit

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  • Changing Filestore / OXDrive size limit

    After searching through Google and the OX wiki for some time without success ... how/where can I change the size limit for files uploaded to the filestore/OXdrive? Our customer currently has a 10MB limit which needs to be increased ... the file doesn't have any setting about this, nor seem any of the other .properties files ...

    Help appreciated!

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    Indeed the upload limits for files can be a bit confusing.

    If you search for MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE under /opt/open-xchange/etc you might find a few hits:

    So MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE in is one value you have to adjust. (If it's not set there it falls back to MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE in
    (The comment in also refers to a provisioning value as possibility but as long as you don't want to set it per user let's ignore that.)

    In any case that setting is not sufficient because you also need to possibly increase
    com.openexchange.servlet.maxBodySize (

    And just one more hint:
    All of the settings are only relevant for the webinterface. In case a Drive client is in use there is no real upload limit since the clients do chunking and the above are limits on the API payload level only.


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      Some of the places I already had increased, somehow I missed the most likely relevant which still had the 10M set ...