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Importing .pst files for migration

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  • Importing .pst files for migration

    A customer of ours has to import accounts from a Lotus Notes system. They have a service provider that can create .PST files from the mail/contacts/calendar. Looking through the Web I found the OXUploader which should be able to import that file. Anyway, I was having problems finding the actual program, as the links in the Wiki article all seemed to point to now non-existent addresses ...
    So, a) does this program still exist, and b) does it work with halfway current AppSuite versions? If not, what alternatives are there to get the migrated data into OX? As for mail, I thought about using an imap copy tool (which we've used in other situations), but which would require IMAP setup in the notes server (which supposedly isn't setup yet)
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    the Uploader is still available here:
    But I cannot tell if it still works at all. It's absolutely unmaintained and unsupported since years. So you can try it on your own risk. You need to carefully test it and if it does not work nobody from our side can help you with it unfortunately.
    Depending on the amount of account to be migrated an option could be to leverage a commercial service like
    They seem to support Lotus Notes and I know they support App Suite.


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      Thanks for the links. The tool appears to be functional, at least I was able to import a few calendar entries as well as mails from a .PST I created with outlook. Problem was that it froze when importing a larger amount of mails, so considering I'm looking at ~200G of data in total, I don't think I can recommend using it to our customer. I guess we will contact the company you linked to ...