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CalDav: non-RFC compliant ETag?

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  • CalDav: non-RFC compliant ETag?


    While debugging client issues with the OX App Suite's caldav interface, I realized that the ETag it's sending back are non RFC compliant (the client was not accepting them).
    See the attached file for a transcript out of tcpdump.

    OX App Suite (7.10.4-14) returns:
    I think this is not a valid ETag according to RFC2616 (and that's why the client was failing to parse it, it was looking for quotes):
    - 14.19 ETag defines this header as ETag = "ETag" ":" entity-tag
    - 3.11 Entity Tags defines entity-tag as a quoted-string (with an optional 'W/' prefix)

    This is summarized in

    I didn't see anything in RFC4791 which was indicating that the standard quotes could be skipped (only that it can't be 'weak').

    Is there some reason for not having quotes for the ETag? Is that a bug in OX's CalDav implementation or should I open a bug with the client?
    (Changing it for existing events would probably mess up with client that accepted it without quotes, this might be messy to change...)

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks for the report. etags will be quoted starting with 7.10.5.