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Are you still in bbusiness?

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  • Are you still in bbusiness?


    I was not able to get any response to any question I asked via email, can't login to your portal, how am I supposed to communicate with you?


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    Which email address did you use and which portal are you talking about? And about what topic do you want to get a reply?


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      This is the most CLOSED "open-source" company I have ever seen.
      Every company wanting to do business with you should be troubled.

      I have tried to get answers for several months now. I have sent emails, I have posted questions here...
      You are the only one replying but still, your reply is very reserved... You are willing to answer only specific questions???

      I wanted to ask what requires a paid license and what is the price of a license.
      Your site has no information whatsoever. And you can go in circles trying to find any information, even though it looks very nice.

      You refer customers to send an email to your support address but then I get an automated reply that I have no support.
      So my questions cannot be answered....

      How can I pay for support if you are so secretive about it? You have no pricing online and no way to buy a license online.
      I filled out a form in your portal and got an automated reply, but no human reply.

      So, I ask again... IS THIS COMPANY STILL IN BUSINESS???


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        I cannot speak for others. I mainly can reply to technical questions. I'm not Sales. I know that Sales is not listening here. I asked clearly which address you used so I might be able to follow up internally and see what happened to your request. You are not willing to answer that question it seems.

        I answered what requires a paid license in the other post. I most likley won't be able to give you a pricing and certainly I do not ask you to discuss this in this forum.
        We are specialized in doing business with Telcos, ISPs and Hosters. So there is no simple pricelist publically available. If you think you would want a commercial license feel free to explain slightly more of the volume and business you are running and I might be able to find a contact.
        Also if you do not belong to the group mentioned above but still are interested in some features, we also have partners selling our software licenses to smaller customers.

        In case you are serious you can even guess my mail address from my name. And no I'm not the only one in this company but I'm one reading this forum regularly which is a _community_ forum.