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Difference betwen OX community edition and the other editions

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  • Difference betwen OX community edition and the other editions

    Hello all,

    Fist i want to think you for your last reply about my questions.

    is it possible to tell me what is the difference ( other support) betwen the OX Community Edition and OX Server Edition? is their any documentation (matrix) about this diffence.

    exp: is ther a graphical interface of administration in OX Community Edition like in OX SE?, what about the mobile connector (for smartphone)?....

    Best regards

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    there are some graphical administration interfaces made by the community. For example peters admin gui. Those addons are not supported by OX but usually work well. Since we only offer products we can support, the mobile connector (OXtender for Business Mobility) is available for commercial Editions and official releases only. This way we can make sure its properly tested with the OX Server you are using. Other commercial extensions are the OXtender for Microsoft Outlook, VoIP etc.

    From a technical point of view, the so-called Community Edition is the groundwork for all commercial offerings and does not lack any functionality. You can use it but, as you mentioned, there is no support or guarantee that the latest snapshot build is working properly. If you make money selling or renting OX, you have to buy a commercial license.



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      hello and think's for your reply.

      if we install the OX Comunity edition, is it possible after to have a support (for maintenance without installing a commercial version)?

      I know that whith OX Server Edition we can contact an Openldap directory, what about the Community Edition?

      what about of the connector for mozilla thunderbird for the community edition and Server Edition?



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        we only offer support for commercial versions. So if you want to have maintenance, you need to use OXSE or other commercial Editions. As i said, there is no technical difference so it won't mean learning anything new.
        Since OX Server Edition and OX Community Edition are technically equal, you can also use an openldap storage. Think about commercial editions like: "What i get with the Community Edition plus maintenance, support, SLA, priority fixes and commercial addons like Outlook connectors".
        The Connector for Mozilla Thunderbird uses the HTTP API of Open-Xchange Server and since those Editions are technically equal, this plugin will also work with the Community Edition.



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          Originally posted by philipe View Post
          exp: is ther a graphical interface of administration in OX Community Edition like in OX SE?,
          Hi, please have a look at
          Feel free to contact us.
          Regards, D.K.


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            Thank you pro-it for the link, we will test it tomorrow.