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Will OX serve my needs?

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  • Will OX serve my needs?

    I'm looking for the following functionality:

    1. 2-way sync with iPhone for Calendar
    2. PUSH email for iPhone
    3. 2-way sync with iPhone for Contacts.

    I would also like (if possible, but not critical) the same functionality with Blackberry and Android devices.

    Will OX provide this funtionality? I tried Zimbra, but I have to pay for the Network Edition in order to get Calendar sync (2 way). In addition, I was looking at Funambol, but the calendar is read-only with Funambol. I need 2-way synronization but I can't get into ongoing subscriptions. I don't mind paying for an addon or something, but just not an ongoing subscription.

    Please, any advice?

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    there are two ways to achieve two of these requirements. First is, to get a commercial license for a server-side addon that enables Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for mobile devices. This protocol allows 2-way sync of contacts, calendars, tasks and mail with push functionality. Typically, a mail from your inbox gets to the mobile within seconds when using a push implementation which uses IMAP IDLE for example. Contacts and calendar items will also get pushed. As i said, this requires a commercial license and if you need some custom contract without ongoing subscriptions, you might contact our sales team for some solution that fits your needs. This addon by the way also works with Android and BlackBerry devices, depending on their client software.

    An alternative could be CalDAV/CardDAV which has been released just a couple of weeks ago. A beta of this addon is available free of charge through the snapshot repository. It covers contacts, tasks and contacts but no mail (which is a protocol limitation) but you could still use IMAP to get your mails. iPhone maintains some "push like" implementation for IMAP which will get you your mails fast. Also, it's fitted for Apple iCal/Address Book on desktop (OSX) machines right now but we're planning to support further platforms. Yet it has not been extensively tested on iOS.



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      CalDAV/CardDAV: Sorry, you typed contacts, tasks and contacts. Did you mean calendar, tasks and contacts?

      I could live with calendar, tasks and contacts syncing and then IMAP emails.

      Alternatively, when you say custom contract, that sounds expensive. I don't mind paying for a solution but again, I'm basically a one-man show here so it has to be reasonable.


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        Exactly, i meant Contacts, Tasks and Calendar :-). Just feel free to contact our sales team, they may present you an offer then.


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          1- In your site is stated that there's discontinued Support for OXtender for MAC OS X:

          a- Does this means that it is no longer available?
          b- Is available, however, in case of any issue experienced we won't be able to escalate or open a ticket to OpenXchange Support?

          2- Does the OXtender need to be installed in order to setup an email account in Apple Mail?

          Looking forward to your reply.