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  • serial appointment

    Hello, I have some troubles with the appointments.
    My version is : 6.20.0 Rev8
    1 : I create a serial appointment :
    - every monday
    - with a duration (ends after 6 appointment or ends after XX monday)
    - I add participants
    2 : on each contact account i can see the appointment
    3 : I modify the appointment with the first user (and choose not the first or the last to change the serial appointment):
    - I change every monday for every tuesday
    4 : I update on each account

    It depends on the display, but if I have the month calendar view, I can see the appointment only for one month but not the other and it is the same if I choose the week calendar view.

    If I use to create a serial appointment with no duration (Ends never), I don't have problems

    Does anybody have this problem ?

  • #2

    i just checked this and it works fine for me with the latest version.
    1. User A creates a new recurring appointment (weekly) on every monday, ends after 6 occurrences, adds User B as participant
    2. User A changes the appointment series to weekly, every thuesday
    4. User B checks and correctly sees all occurrences of the appointment in month/day/week/workweek view now on thuesday