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Retrieve an appointment by Trash

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  • Retrieve an appointment by Trash

    Hi, it's possible to retrieve an appointment by Trash ?

    For example:
    - i create an appointment on a calendar
    - than I delete the appointment
    - it's possible to retrive the appointment from Trash ?

    I looked on database and found the table "del_dates" that contains the deleted appointments.


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    this is not possible. del_dates is used to report deleted appointments to sync clients. Otherwise it would be very expensive to find out what appointments have been removed in the meantime.



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      Thanks for the reply.

      I'm asking this because I'm comparing OX with Zimbra which handles the trash for all types of objects (calendars, address books ...).

      Is there a public roadmap for open-xchange (community version) ?

      Searching the net I found this link:

      which contains several very interesting features, like:
      - Mail Thread View better readability, traceability
      - Indexing Smart folders & Favorites organize and find everything, fast
      - Fully integrated Chat and Wall move between the ideal means of communications easily
      - Halo View people centric navigaIon <------ I don't understand these, can you explain ??

      and, very interesting... Open-*‐Xchange Notifier: will also be available for the community version of OX ??

      thanks again.


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        this is a Roadmap for OX7 (working title). Neither OX6 nor OX7 currently offer a Trash for PIM objects.
        A "Halo View" is an aggregation of all data thats available for a specific user. For example: You get an E-Mail from John Doe. With Halo, you can fetch information from social networks (his linkedin, facebook... account), common appointments, earlier mails to get more information about this person.

        Open-Xchange Server is a project we share with the open-source community. It shares the code base with our commercia offerings so changes at the server component will be available to the OSS community as well. The Notifier is currently in alpha status so nothing is disclosed about licensing and availability yet.