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    I have no problems compiling software or setting up servers but when it comes to legalese I'm an idiot and currently I'm not entirely sure about the licensing of OX. Our for-profit company has approx. 250 users. We currently use Microsoft Exchange and Outlook internally and rent a pop3 server from an external vendor. I'd like to get rid of Microsoft Exchange and set up our own pop3 server. Before I suggest OX to the 'higher ups' I'd like to know where I stand legally. Is the community edition what I'm looking for? I'm not entirely sure about INTERNAL & EXTERNAL as defined in this paragraph.
    Open-Xchange interprets Noncommercial to include all INTERNAL individual, not-for-profit and for-profit use. EXTERNAL individual, not-for-profit and for-profit use such a resale, rent and lease as well as inclusion of the digital content in an advertising model is considered COMMERCIAL use and prohibited under our interpretation of the license.
    We don't intend to sell, modify or redistribute OX and only Ourcompany will be using the OX server for email & calendaring. Thanks for any insight.

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    First, this license applies to the GUI only, the server code is GPLv2.

    I am no lawyer too, but my understanding is that you can use software covered by this license for internal (your company) use legally. The prohibited thing is resale of the software.