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  • initial folder rights

    I'd like to share my experience with setting the initial folder rights for some special folder with you:

    Initially the public folder 'Global Address Book' had the rights set so that only every user could change his/her own entry. No administrator could change the entries for other users.

    For our case this was not sufficient but there is no way to set the permissions via the GUI. So I had to add some entries manually in the database.

    The table oxfolder_permissions contains the all folder permissions.
    cid was always 1 in my case.
    fuid contains the id of the folder which permissions you would like to shape.
    permission_id is the id of the user or the group which the permission applies to.
    The next for fields are for the 4 folder permission parts.
    admin_flag is 1 or 0 - it sets whether the user should be able to control/change this very permission.
    group_flag is 1 or 0 - it defines whether we are setting the permission for a user or a group.

    You need to restart OX to make changes go live!

    In order to find out the correct id for the folder and the user/group take a look at the tables oxfolder_tree and user.
    Before you change anything make a backup of your database!
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    Hi technolion, hi folks,

    thx for your information. We have some similar problem on our installation. The infostore should be usable for all users without restrictions. Unfortunatly if a user create a new folder within, the folder is not accessible by anybody else (even if the other users are members of the same group then the editor). Folder creation happends very often and it is not very handy for the users to change the folder permissions after every action.
    Is there a way to modify the 'default' folder permissions if a new folder is created by a user? I didn't find anything on the wiki and even not on the .properties files.

    @technolion: Do you have a idea about how the 'folder permission parts' are coded? Meanwhile I need to modify the permissions by hand (sql). Some information on this will be very usefull....

    Thanks for any answers! :-)


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      i don't think the default right set is configurable yet - but - it is possible to take the access rights from the parent folder to any new subfolder. For example, a User creates a Folder called "A" and another user wants to create a subfolder of that. Then the second user has the option to take over the access rights of "A" for his new folder. This saves time when creating complex folder structures. This applies to all kinds of folders.



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        Thanks Martin,
        this is what we do now. I was suppriesed that it also works by webdav -> cool :-)