Greetings All:

I have problem with updating our calendar in Open X Change using Outlook and the OX-Tender app. When my users make any change to their calendar the following message appears in the OX Status window:

"Preparing to send 1 item". I've attached a jpeg file of the actual message. My problem is that during this time outlook will not respond to any other queue or selection and if you look at the task manager will tell the user the Outlook is not responding. My users then complain that Outlook is "Locked Up" and they want to reboot their computer. I've told them to wait for Outlook to respond but the time it takes for this message to clear can be as much as 2 minutes. This has only started to occur in the last couple of months so I assume that the problem is that my users are actually using the calendar now.

I'm just not sure what and where to attack this problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Your assistance is most appreciated.


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