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    Hi everybody,

    i wanted to ask if there is any possibility to get active sync for the community edition?


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    Have a look at, can be used with any imap server (local or remote).
    Some information for quick config:

    enjoy :-)


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      no, currently there is not. However the project z-push-ox (, which I am involved in, is trying to provide a connector for zpush. That would enable the community edition to provide activesync via zpush.

      Currently the contact part works quite well and work is done on the calendar part. ETA is about 6 months to a year.
      And as allways, any help ist most welcome


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        sounds good.
        i'm quite good in java programming but i haven't done anything with php, client-server interaction, and open xchange so i don't know if i would can help, but if you have any tasks just tell me.

        and is there - as alternative meanwhile - a way to make calendars writeable via caldav?


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          CalDav is already writeable. I am currently using CalDav with iCal 4 and OX 6.20.7 which works well. Since you asked for activesync I guess you want to use it with your phone. I have CalDav-Sync ( installed on my Android but it only works well for "normal" entries. As soon as there is recurrency it goes nuts which makes it unusable for me. On my IPad I use the native client for CalDav which works well but since the update to ios 6 there are some minor hickups. However, I did not have the time to look into it.
          Also OX 6.22 is out which had great improvements on CardDav/CalDav in the release notes. I did not update to 6.22 yet so I can not tell you first hand.


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            i tried to update an event using thunderbird (lightning) and it didn't work. But it was a recurrent event. Perhaps this was the problem.

            yes without recurrent events caldav does not make that much sense. That's one reason why active sync would be nice.

            Have you also tried cardDAV?


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              CardDav works well with MacOS and IOS. I also manged to use it with evolution (linux). On my android, on the other hand, it is quite frustrating.


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                The instruction on how to set up firefox for the sync you find in your personal setting page.