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Monitoring of the OX-Server (Zabbix?)

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  • Monitoring of the OX-Server (Zabbix?)

    Hi there,

    I am looking for a good way to monitor the OX-Server
    for Years of administer Linux-Servers I worked with Nagios
    Now that we have OX i found, that java is the point to look at

    It would be great to have a graph of the Number of loggedin-users/sessions

    i am using Zabbix in the moment,
    it is great and there lots of parameters to monitor and trigger and graph them
    but no clue yet how to check java-properties of OX

    does anyone have experience monitoring OX and the desired params?
    maybe even with Zabbix and OX ?

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    there are Munin scripts for OX. They're quite powerful and also show logged in sessions.



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      a pitty, we have it installed on SLES 11 but...
      there is no REPO for munin-node... so i used sourcecode to install
      but now i can't install the Scripts for OX
      how may i install all that now?


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        The package open-xchange-munin-scripts is part of the backend installation repo since version 7.0.1.

        For earlier versions and a bit more information how to work with the package please find the following document:


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          Is there any Experience with Zabbix, yet?
          I use it and it is promissing, i cann even (almost) follow the login-scenario.
          If login does not work, i get alarm. but I'm not fully happy with my sollution

          i just get indirect evidence, as the downloadtime in case of the login is nearly zero when login failed.