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mail account creation via http api

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  • mail account creation via http api


    I'm trying the http api of Open-Xchange to create mail accounts and i'm facing everytime the same problem using the put method on https://server/ajax/account?action=new :

    {"categories":"PERMISSION_DENIED","error_params ":[2,1],"category":3,"error":"Multiple mail accounts not enabled for user 2 in context 1.","code":"ACC-0014","error_id":"728173775-2234"}

    The user session i'm using has got the id 2 and the message just gives the information this user can't have more than 1 mail account : i'm ok with that.

    The question is:
    Is there any possibility to create an account not related directly with the user used in the session??
    In the ideal:
    - Access to the api with a "superuser"
    - Mail accounts creation for several new users

    Thanks by advance for your answer.

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    there is no superuser "guest mode" yet. You may enable multiple accounts for each user or a whole context by setting --access-multiple-mail-accounts on and/or installing the appropriate software package at the backend.



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      Thanks for your answer.

      That means it's not actually possible to create new user accounts (mail & groupware) from the http api??
      My "global" goal is to manage accounts creation/modification with specific workflows so that lack is a bit disapointing as Open-Xchange is a major product in our organisation.
      Do you know if that kind of feature is in the roadmap??


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        The HTTP API is not meant for administrative tasks. These kind of tasks can be done using our RMI (Java) or SOAP API. You may combine administrative tasks with the HTTP API as long as the users initial password is known. Perhaps that's a valid option for implementing workflows that include user-specific settings.


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          oh i totally missed the soap api : thanks a lot!!