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Not receiving some emails, some emails not being sent

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  • Not receiving some emails, some emails not being sent

    Hello, I am having huge problems with my open xchange account, and I need some help asap. I have an Xchange account via ipage, and I have been complaining to them for a few months that certain emails i send from my account just are not going through. Now I have discovered that I have also not been receiving certain emails also. I cannot tell you how devastating this has been to my business, and I am only now learning the extent of the effect. I have messages in my inbox from clients awaiting a response, but im afraid to reply incase they dont get there.

    I have notified ipage a while back, but they did some check, and said all was fine. Twice, and i was stupid to believe them. All was not ok. They want me to give them an email that didnt go through within the past 15 days, but it takes a while to realise messages dont get to where they are supposed to, and ive just sent them one now anyway that didnt get through, but i dont trust tat they will be able to fix the problem.

    The strange thing is that some mails to certain accounts go through sometimes, and then not other times. And I wonder if there is some way to be able to know what emails in the past i have sent that didnt go through, and what ones i have not received. Im sure I have lost quite some business without even realising

    please, please advise me what to do next. i dont know if it has anything to do with my spam filter, maybe its set too high, ive never received any spam or junk mail in months?

    i need to know if this is a common problem, what to do next, please, please help.