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    sry i forgot this

    disgrace over me

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  • Martin Heiland
    Please do not post Bug Reports in this forum. This is about discussion, not for bug reporting. You will multiply your success in reporting a bug when using Bugzilla BTS. I know there are translation, functionality and layout bugs left despite the bugs that were fixed while developing Hyperion.

    You, the community, are VERY welcome to report those bugs because of the large scale of different use cases that may provoke a bug and/or usability issues. Please use the "Open-Xchange Server" Product for your reports.

    Please Read:
    Last edited by Martin Heiland; 03-07-2007, 04:49 PM.

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    Guest started a topic Bugs


    Can we make a sticky thread with bugs we find?
    So its easier for someone searching for the same fault.

    1. oxadmin has a full german interface
    normal created users not.

    2. /opt/open-xchange/sbin/open-xchange-groupware runs but you have to open one terminal for this command. when u close the terminal, groupware stops

    thats for the beginning...