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Email Settings = Losing emails

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  • Email Settings = Losing emails

    Hello all,

    Thank you for helping me in advance.

    I keep losing email that are over 1 month old and I can't seem to find where to change the settings so that I can amend this.

    Anyone's help would be appreciated, I'm not over computer savvy but can find my way round.


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    Unless you have some AE/ASE or SE4UCS edition there is not much chance that OX is involved in deleting mails w/o being told to do so. There is no automatic purge mechanism within Open-Xchange since in a nutshell it's only an IMAP client for your mailserver as most other clients. So if something is deleting your mails which are older than one month it cannot be caused by Open-Xchange.


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      Thank you for your reply, a few things I'm unsure about, AE/ASE? SE4UCS? IMAP?
      But basically you are saying that Open-Exchange is not deleting them.
      2 of us use the emails and both are losing it off separate computers so thought it may be something on the OX


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        AE/ASE are legacy products where Open-Xchange was bundled with UCS (a complete Linux system including mailserver functionality). SE4UCS is still available where Open-Xchange can be added on top of the UCS server. Only these products are a full mail server solution. Open-Xchange does not contain a mail server but relies on an external one. Therefore I was saying that it's highly unlikely that OX deletes your mails w/o your interaction.