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  • properly Monitoring OX

    Hi there,
    I'd like to know, what are the most importent values to monitor in a OX System
    I just look at cpu, memory, an now with showruntimestats -x the number of sessions

    the tool offers such a huge number of information, that i wonder which are nessesary for me to see the health of my OX system

    I guess the number of threads, workers/handlers The Number in longtermsessions are important too

    Actually i am writing on a script for zabbix to monitor the values and see peaks

    can someone give some advice, what to look at to keep the system running and fast?
    And to see how many Users use the system and maybe how long the use in avg?

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    hmm besides i saw some news, that showruntime will be not supported soon.
    will be then a similar tool?
    I'd like to use it further :-)


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      You might want to check out the scripts from open-xchange-munin-scripts. For health monitoring not everything is required probably.
      Java heap size, threads are two of the most interesting but it really depends. If you got a problem it's not easy to guess where it happens so historical graph data can be useful.

      And showruntimestats should be supported now and in future. It might be that the tool changes its internal interface to talk to Open-Xchange though.