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  • Same Mailbox for more than one user

    i'm thinking about using ox community edition in our company. Every user has his own mailbox but some need to read an additional mailbox, for example a mailbox to which every fax is delivered to. So is it possible to easily add this mailbox to some users interface? Do I have to add a faxuser for example who shares his inbox or better: can i create all needed shared folders in my own account and then share them with others? How do I set fetchmail to deliver mail to such a folder?


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    i think you want to create a non-user mailbox which is shared to multiple ox system users. This is currently not possible to do via the web interface, but you're able to do this on imap level. If you use cyrus as a imap server, cyradm is the way to configure all kinds of such stuff. I really think such a feature will be available directly in OX in the future like it is for OX5.

    Currently it is possible to share your E-Mail folders to one or many or a group of users, but i guess for this use case you'd like to use a "blind" E-Mail account which only receives incoming fax messages but is not used for casual groupware operations.



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      Thanks for the fast answer. Is it possible to control the shared folder rights with the admin gui after i created it with cyradm and have given all rights to a user?


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        the Admin GUI is not intended to configure Mail Folders (right now). You should do that by cyradm or any other tool which is able to modify IMAP ACL.