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  • Problems with Mailscanner

    Hello community,

    after installing OX on a clean and brand new ubuntu 7.10 non server edition with Martins community installer i'm encountering problems after activating/enabling the mailscanner feature in the admin gui. before checking the box i'm able to send and receive email to and from within my local networks and the internet. after checking the enable mailscanner checkbox i could not send any mail. everything seems to be fine in the ox-gui but nothing is received.

    when looking into webmins postfix gui i find the just sent email in a folder called something like mail queue with an error similar to "can't connect to" (sorry for not having the exact messages but i'm at work at the moment with no connection to my server ).

    Is there anyone with the same problem or a solution to this problem.



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    I had a similar problem. In my case, I didn't have procmail installed. Apparently when you enable the mailscanner it adds a couple lines to your postfix, one of them uses procmail. All my mail bounced back with a /usr/bin/procmail "no such file or directory" in the error information.
    So just do:
    apt-get install procmail
    I'm not certain but I did this and it fixed it, but the problem showed up again later because the executable was missing. It may have been uninstalled during an update in aptitude or something. Let me know if this fixes your problem and if filtration works after that, because even with this enable I get TONS of spam, there is no apparent filtration going on.