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Error with Admin GUI and "Third-Party" IMAP

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  • Error with Admin GUI and "Third-Party" IMAP

    Hello there,

    I've tryed to update my current running OX Installation with the "Stable" release of the OX-Community Edition Installer by doing a fresh install on a debian etch. I than just copied the open-xchange-db from the current running system over to the new install (via mysqldump).
    Thinks seem to fine, I even got a "Database update in progress... please try again later" when I first tried to login to the new system. After a view minutes login in worked fine.

    But now I have the Problem that when i use the Admin GUI and try change User Settings I get the the following error:
    Error occured in: com.openexchange.admin.rmi.extensions.OXUserMailfi lterExtension! Errortext: Connection refused (SVL-0001,171573062-49)
    Which will effectively gray out the User Setup/Aliases/Misc and even the Groups and User Data Fields making me unable to change them (Though I think group membership got nothing to do with IMAP does it?)
    I found a way around this "disabling of fileds" by selecting a user, getting the Error message and the greyed out fields, then clicking on "Group Setup" and back on "User Setup" to be able to edit the settings of the user. But i guess that is more a bug than a feature?

    A word to my setup:
    I want OX to use an "external" IMAP server running Cyrus IMAP on another host. No Problems so far, only thing is, the OXadmin has no rights on the IMAP Server and SEIVE isn't aviable either. So my guess is that that leads to some "confusion" of the Admin GUI when it tries to get the current User settings.
    So is there a way to tell the Admin GUI to use a "--dbonly" flag like when creating a user and not bother wit IMAP settings?
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