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  • rpms?

    Currently it is only possible to download open-xchange Hyperion from cvs. I expect it will be available in a .tar.gz soon.

    But then it still needs to be compiled and manually installed.
    Is there somewhere on the roadmap to provide rpms? or provide .spec files in the .tar.gz so you can build your own rpms?

    This would make the installation much easier and accessible by more users.

    Greets Johan

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    Developers (thats what the community edition is aimed for) should have no problem using the CVS. A up-to-date CVS was one feature that many developers have complained about on OX5. We also provide a installation manual in the wiki where every user can contribute information to install and maintain it.
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      I think that this won't be so easy, as you may remember to the old OX5 there was a .deb file for ox and it was a hard job.

      You have many Java requirements and I don't know the status about these libs if there are rpms and debs available as well. And the question of redistribution has been asked in another thread, otherwise it would be possible to download these jars on this site as well.

      If they exist in some place it would be possible I think but someone has to start it.

      As Martin said, developers are in scope of the current edition and those guys should know how to install from CVS.


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        I'm pretty sure we'll have a tar.[gz|bz2] package someday as well But as you already mentioned, this will not solve the problem that you still need to build it. So, right now CVS should be the lesser evil