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(Major) Calendar problems with distributionlists i.e.

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  • (Major) Calendar problems with distributionlists i.e.

    We encounter the following problem which is in my opinion a big issue.

    Our e-mailserver has so-called distribution list, i.e. or When the e-mail server receives e-mail to one of these addresses it will sent the message out to all e-mail addresses which are part of this distribution list. For example: will send e-mail to,, etc.

    It is good to state that the distribution list i.e. is not a user within the OX system.

    If you create an appointment you can specify the participants and this can be done by using an e-mail address, so you can create an appointment and specify This appointment will be send out to the e-mailserver which will send the appointment to all individual users, that are part of the distribution list.

    Everyone gets to see the appointment, but only the first person who reads it can take action, like accept or decline. The other users will after this see that the appointment is already accepted or declined and cannot take any further action.

    Although this is annoying it is not the biggest issue, the biggest issue is that this appointment will not show up in the calendar and also cannot be added manually with the ics.

    Since not everyone is using the web-interface (app-suite), but a lot of users use third party tools, i.e. mac-calendar, the only work-around (we have found thus far) is to specify every single user in the appointment, with the chance of forgetting someone, especially with larger distribution list. Another work-around is to create groups within OX and use these, but than users are enforced to use the web-client.

    I can understand why the system cannot see all the users from a distribution list, since within the appointment the distribution list ( is the participant, but in my opinion it is unacceptable that the users cannot see (or add) the appointment to their calendar.