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Open-Xchange @ Cebit 2007

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  • Open-Xchange @ Cebit 2007

    Hi @all,

    our cebit booth is finished right now. In my opinion booth is looking really great so I want to contribute two pics to you. I'm smiling because of the nice 10 Mbps
    connection LinuxPark gave to us. Thank you LinuxPark

    You can find us in hall 5, G48/1 in linux forum. Around us we have Redhat and last but not least heise with c't and i'x and all their forums.

    Wish you all a nice Cebit 2007 and of course great aftershow partys!

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    Hi, thanks for the pics. :-)

    This year I cannot go to the CeBIT but I whish you a good fair and many contacts.


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      Impressive, just impressive.


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        Hey, and a nice Trade-fair bunny on pic #1


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          Don't know who this guy is, found him drunken in a bar two days ago and hired him for setting up the infrastructure at Cebit



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            Cebit is open for visitors, our partners have really cool solutions in their portfolio here. Examples:
            • Client Virtualisation with SUN Thinray Clients (I love it)
            • HA-Solutions for OX
            • OX-Integration with CTI Solutions like asterisk
            • Exchange Migration
            • Notes Migration
            • Backup-Solutions for OX
            • Desaster Recovery for OX
            • Unified Messaging Solutions
            • OX-Integration with FAX, SMS, ...
            • OX-Integration in ERP and CRM Systems like SAP
            • much more

            The partners are high skilled and will answer all your questions, already had some very inspirating talks with them.



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              Hi @all,

              I'm back from Cebit 2007. More pics will follow the next days. Perhaps I will post the pics from my network setup, too. Connecting some servers, many fat clints, thin clients, IP phones, switches, GSM gateways, gateways and more on two quare meters was chaotic

              First official day was great, sometimes we had problems to handle all visitors because we never thought of such a big resonance but at least everyone's questions could be answered.

              Thanks to all community-people for the nice talks, ideas and everything else.
              Thanks to all partners at our both, you're doing great jobs!
              Thanks to Deutsche Messe for fixing the internet downtime (backbone switch's powersupply gave up so we, Redhat, Collax and some other companys were without internet ) , perhaps you guys should think of a second backbone switch during cebit
              Thanks to the "secret service" of austria, you know what i mean man

              I also had some interesting talks with managment of some distributors, they establish contacts to their development for me, that will ease up processes like creating virtual appliances for more distributions, in addition we will perhaps have some very very nice integrations in the future...



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                Congratulations. Ox have a splened future, and wild demands. It will benefit many company.


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                  Hey guys,

                  tomorrow I'm gonna go to the CeBIT

                  Meet you at the booth. Anyone of the developer out there so we can talk to each other?


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                    Originally posted by neo View Post
                    Hey guys,

                    tomorrow I'm gonna go to the CeBIT

                    Meet you at the booth. Anyone of the developer out there so we can talk to each other?
                    Tomorrow are some developers at the CeBIT - but not all the time on the booth ... i think that we spend some time on the booth between 1300 and 1400. If this fits into your scheduling, we are happy to see you tomorrow.


                    Martin Kauss


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                      Ah great.

                      I'll be there at about one o'clock.

                      Drop you a pm about some details.



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                        Hey guys,

                        met you at the Cebit. Thanks for the talk and let me say something: You did a great job with hyperion
                        I got a lot of answers

                        Hope to see you sometime again


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                          This Year I cant go to Cebit
                          can you tell me the Partner for Notes Migration to OX ?




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                            There are several partners having experinces in doing notes migration.
                            Please write an email to info[AT]open-xchange[DOT]com.