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More info in the Wiki about Library´s ?!

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  • More info in the Wiki about Library´s ?!


    i started to ready here in the Wiki - great Job.
    Now i want to install OX on my Server, of course

    But there are some Problems and i think other get these problems also.

    In the Wiki -> "Open-Xchange Installation" is a part with the "Library´s".
    Here should be more info i think.

    1.) Java MySQL library -> is in ver. 3.1.14 and not 3.1.13. Is this a problem? Should be changed to the right version in the Wiki.

    2.) util.concurrent -> must i rename the .zip to .jar ?

    3.) Jakart Slide -> there are so many files for the client & server in several Editions. Which one is the right ? Small info ?!

    4.) Commons HTTP Client -> is in vers 3.0.1. Or i can´t find the 2.0.2 !

    5.) Saxon XSLT Processor -> must i rename it also to .jar? Seems that there are some .exe and .bat files in there.

    Is it right, that i _must_ extract the single .jar Files from the downloaded Zip or tar.gz? I´m not sure.

    This should not be a critic - only a help for people that comes behind me.

    Greez BeNe
    Open-Xchange - Community Edition User

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    Forget it!

    I use the Librarys from the VMware Image
    Open-Xchange - Community Edition User