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  • External LDAP and Groups


    another topic with external LDAP (or maybe general) I'm facing is with 'Groups', I've groups at LDAP by
    < - - and so on for several domains - - >

    I use '' to sync ldap data and I also see users and groups become created.

    BTW to get the 'groups' synced I've to hack the '' source, otherwise the 'groups' become not created.
    Found this at:

    So far so good... but

    - The groups are not part of Global Address Book
    - The groups not become auto complete at Mail Compose

    Looks like groups only show up at Calendar Invitations.

    Is there anything I've to switch on/configure here to get the groups also displayed at Global Address Book/Mail?

    Usually we use groups at LDAP for different company divisions (Marketing/Engineering/Development/etc...) to
    reach out the division by just mail to the group email address.

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    A "goup" in OX is not at the same time automatically a mail distribution list. It's just a logical group of users which are available for groupware objects and ACLs.
    So if you want to reflect your groups also as mail distribution lists you probably need to create a public addressbook containing the email addresses of the groups for autocompletion.