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I'm looking for a MS Exchange type server - need advice

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  • I'm looking for a MS Exchange type server - need advice

    I'm looking for a replacement for MS Exchange server. I'm currently trying Zimbra out but it seems to be either web based or pop/imap. What I need is to be able to directly access the server from evolution. I need emails & contacts access, but calendar access is an optional requirement. <-- which would I select?

    I have had a look at OX and it seems to do just this. But before I start uninstalling Zimbra and installing OX I want to be sure.

    So 3 questions:
    1. Can this be done?
    2. How would I set up Evolution to access OX directly? I get this list on Evolution: Server type: Hula, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise, POP, USNET News, Local Delivery, M-H format mail directories, Maildir format mail directories, standard unix mbox spool or directory.
    3. Or do I need to install something like the OXtender for MS Outlook


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    access mail by evolution

    You can access the mail by imap and smtp when you use evolution.
    So you need install open-xchange, postfix, imap, mysql .
    But the calendar only can access by web (webdav), evolution can not
    synchronous with open-xchane calendar. So you only can use the calendar on web.
    If you want to get online help, you can add my msn:
    I will help you set up the server step by step.
    Open source is a freedom and free power!