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Webdav vcard and Mac OS X address book

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  • Webdav vcard and Mac OS X address book

    I was able to integrate Mac OS X Leopard iCal with OX calendar using webdav.ical

    But how can I integrate OX webdav.vcard under Mac OS X Leopard ?

    webdav.documents works fine under Mac OSX Leopard
    webdav.ical works also fine under Mac OSX Leopard ical
    webdav.vcard ?

    Is there any other way to access the Global OX Address book on a Mac ?


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    I'd love to know that, too....

    A two-way sync for iCal would be really nice.
    iCal in Leopard can do caldav, but caldav is not (yet) implemented in open-xchange.

    There has been a press release by open-xchange that Mac OS X support is being worked on.

    Microsoft Entourage is also no option. Entourage can talk to MS Exchange via WebDAV (OWA) but that's it. Max OS X 10.6 will have native MS Exchange support. MS Exchange is like a plague. Device and client support is Microsoft's foot in the door.

    The must be a solution of supporting a rich client or even better, Mac OS X SyncServices either with funambol or open-xchange directly. I just did not find one yet.

    Maybe Martin or one of the other open-xchanger's have more on this.



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      I'd be keen to know how to sync contacts from Leopard to Open-Xchange too.

      Even a one way overwrite would be fine to start:
      Leopard ==> Open-Xchange

      Also would be good to know if there's something for Palm. I was using something (can't remember the name) with 0.8.x, but that doesn't seem to work with Hyperion.



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        Funambol should work with palm. Setting up funambol with ox-connector was relatively esay to do.
        Is you want to sync your Palm locally with Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard, i'd recommend 'the missing sync' from


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          Hi guys,

          we are currently working on an iSync plugin (for OX 6 generation) to get all the data synchronised with contacts and iCal.

          It should be ready for shippment late this year.


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            Hi Stephan,

            that's really good news! Thanks fur the update!


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              iSync Plugin

              Hi Stephan,

              Just wondering whether there was an update on the iSync plugin or where I could go to find it if it has been released.