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  • Super User and Manager ?


    I am wondering why oxadmin can not see everything users are doing? There should be a chief or manager who can control everything including user's tasks and calendar ... etc...

    Is that possible in OX ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    having a administrative user seeing anything of any user is very critical in context of privacy protection laws of most countries and often bound to restrictions to the contract of employment when using this in a company. A administrator may not always be a person that is authorized to see everything, just imagine a employee watching the data of his boss, he surely wont like that. I know some vendors offer this functionality but Open-Xchange does not, for various reasons.

    If you need to see anything, you'll have to use SQL.



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      I know you are right in that way. I didnt mean administrators but the "chief" or "manager". The boss should not know all but I see some points need to be improved:

      _ If an employee creates a task/file/appointment and publish it, give "read"-permission to all but no more. Next days, he stay at home (because of flu or whatever), and who can change that record in that days? Of course he doesnt want to give the boss his password because of "privacy protection". In this case, the boss or manager should have access to his record and that is what I need now.

      At least each Group should have a leader who can not access to user email+contacts but task+calendar+infostore.

      I hope this feature will be added in the next release.