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Community edition - no mail rules (filters)?

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  • Community edition - no mail rules (filters)?

    If I cannot find how to create incoming mail rules / filters - is this because I am just totally blind, or this is one of cut out features of Community OX version?

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    no features have been cut off at the community edition, it's just not supported at the moment - but we're implementing mail filtering for the next release. It should already be present at the CVS HEAD.



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      Thank you for quick answer.
      HEAD branch seems to be in some update process (main module open-xchange-admin does not compile because of lacking build.xml (and probably more) file(s)), so I cannot test this right now.

      In meantime I checked that your Express version Online Demo also lacks this mail filtering/ruling feature. Just wondering - how it was possible to sell something without such a BASIC functionality.


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        also don`t you think that it is a bit evil to mention that things exist in HEAD branch (and give easy solution hope in non working (for months) automated installscript option)?
        Anyway - I tried to compile drirectly from CVS and, after loosing some 6 hours failed. Although I was very close to successful outcome - only remaining problems was with some admin plugins. But time is out and has to say thank you for a moment. From what worked I liked open-xchange most of other groupware solutions...


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          the installer script does not work with the HEAD branch, that's a known issue of the script - i should have had removed the selection for HEAD from the installer to avoid such discussions

          Anyway - the HEAD is unstable, yes. It contains a new major version of OX (6.5) and comes
          with big architectural changes. Up to now there is no automated way to install the HEAD, but
          we already provide packages for 6.5 on debian/fedora/suse/ubuntu. So i guess the installer
          will become obsolete soon, even those packages are _really_ bleeding edge and i don't want
          to suggest anybody to use them in a productive environment.