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How can I search shared contacts?

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  • How can I search shared contacts?

    We have open-xchange running with Outlook 2007. We have created a new shared folder for contacts that all people in the company need to have access to.

    If we go into contacts and select the shared folder, we can asee all contacts, open the record, and send the contact an email. We have several distribution lists that were created prior to transferring the contacts to the shared folder, and they are accessible in the same way.

    If we click on new-mail (ctrl+shift+m) and click on "to..." we are not able to access the shared contacts folder in the address book search. Only after going into the properties of each folder that we want to add on each computer can we access the contact folder as part of the address book.

    Is there a way to send the information/force an update to all users for any other folders that are created?

    (BTW it took a day to figure out this much.)