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  • Problems before rolling out..

    Hello everyone. Just want to thank you all for the amount of help you've already been. Unfortunately, I still have a few problems/questions

    A little background- We've outgrown a W2k3 Small business server with exchange and looking to go back to a simpler solution such as OX CE.

    1) We need fetchmail to pull emails from the current W2k3 Exchange server. It appears to log in and 'touch' the emails from the selected accounts, but those emails do not show up in their respective OX accounts. I can provide log files and directory listings if needed. I've been around Linux for a while, but haven't done too much with the mail side of things.

    2) While I love the infostore, I was wondering if the files could be mapped over to a W2K3 file server and incorporated with individual users' private shares. Just didn't know if anyone has come up with a plugin for this or not.

    I thought I had a longer list, but I can't think of anything at the moment.

    Advice, tips, and helps would be most appreciated.

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    Hi superstretch,

    fetchmail is only looking for mails in your mailbox and fetches the new ones.
    As mentioned in other postings you should use imapsync from - the site is french, but the README in english.
    This one syncs your emails including flags and keeping dates (very important!).
    Also while fetchmail is a service (or batchjob - depends on the setup) imapsync is a perlscript that you usually only use ones, when migrating.

    Look for the threat " mail timestamp problem..." where we discussed this issue.

    The other point I don't know, because I'm the email and LDAP guy in this forum



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      Thanks for the reply. This functionality with fetchmail is exactly what I want for the time being. The problem is that emails are being marked as read on the MSE server but aren't showing on the OX server. The logs show that emails are being seen and such.. old ones are skipped, new ones are brought over (I'm assuming) but then they just disappear.