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  • Sent folder with sub folders

    I have a Ubuntu 8.04 LTS running OX Build: 6.8.1-6811, 2009-03-23 14:26:41 .

    Today I noticed a minor Bug when showing mails in the sent folder. Normally OX is so intelligent to display the "To" instead of "From" when showing mails in the "Sent Mail" folder (as "From" would just always list the user's mail address that sent the mail out, which is by nature always the same)

    Unfortunately OX is not smart enough to do the same in subfolders under "Sent" folder. I created a folder under "Sent" and moved some old mails into it. Listing the content of that folder, OX did only list who sent out the mail (over and over my mail address) instead of listing who got the mail, which would be much more interesting.

    Maybe you can fix that minor bug sometimes.

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    i think this is not a bug, we have several "special" folder types such as "Sent Items". There is only one folder that can contain sent items or be a special folder. Subfolders of Sent Items are simply IMAP folders such as all other folders. At least this is my understanding of typical IMAP folder hierarchies. Don't get me wrong, i understand the purpose of such folder handling and i know that at least Thunderbird handles it that way. It may be useful to have such kinds of folders and it's a valid feature enhancement yet not a bug since we never intended special folder capabilities to be inherited by subfolders

    Thanks for the Idea!