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seeing who ist logged in in lifetime

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  • seeing who ist logged in in lifetime

    hello every1

    does anybody now how i could see who is logged in at the time?

    greetings to all


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    there is no real overview about who is logged in right now. But you can see the current status of the OX instance with ./showruntimestats -a which also contains the number of open sessions. Additionally we add a log entry if a user logs in.



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      # /opt/open-xchange/sbin/showruntimestats -x
      com.openexchange.monitoring:name=GeneralMonitor,NumberOfActiveSessions = 1
      implementing an option to see who owns that session would be great...

      as always, thank u very much for ur quick answer, martin.

      have a nice weekend!


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        I understand that this is not exactly what you're looking for, so give us a hint. Are you interested on the "who is online" thing from a administrators point of view or a users point of view? What would you expect if it is possible to see who is logged in right now? What would your use-case for such a feature be?


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          hi martin,

          the administrator should see who ist online.

          since we only have one emailserver we need to do minor updates during the regular time. we tell everyone to log out at a specific time. but sometimes people forget to do it. it would be very helpfull to have the oportunity to check if anybody ist still online before i put the server offline.

          if i could see who is online. we could call him and tell him to log out. so we can install the updates.


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            Thanks for your use case of this. The problem is, having an open session might not mean that the user is currently active doing something and it does not even tell if the user is using the web interface. User sessions are valid for some hours by default if they are not terminated before. So if a user does not log out at the UI but just shuts down his browser, this session would still be counted as valid. Another thing is that there are far more clients using the Open-Xchange session daemon, for example mobile devices using the OX servers data, Outlook connections, WebDAV file access and many more. In all those cases the administrator would get wrong information about the users status, so it's not about just printing the amount of open sessions per user, but also about identifying which client has issued this session and how long the user was "idle". To provide a real useful functionality there are some architectural changes like identifying clients that are connecting through the HTTP API. Gonna see what we can do here