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occasionally sending double emails

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  • occasionally sending double emails

    I've got a user who's account is occasionally sending emails out twice.

    I think that I've found the reason for this.

    On the occasions that the emails are sent the message takes a long time to send. I think that the message is send but not acknowledged (or not acknowledged quickly enough) and the web interface is sending it a second time.

    Any help would be appreaciated

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    i also think this is caused by messages where messages take long to upload/send. Generally the "New E-Mail" window closes as soon as the E-Mail has been successfully sent by the server. This implies that it needs to stay open until all data is transfered (e-mail, attachments etc.) in case an error happens or something like that. We know that the current solution can be improved, for example by fading and disabling the "Send" button. This is on our backlog for a future release. Till then, your users might put more confidence in the web interface and trust it on the first click



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      Hi Martin I can reproduce the problem of double sending myself with a single click in 6.12.0 Rev3. It does not always happen but occurs roughly 1 in 5 emails sent. Definately only one click and two mails are queued on our mail server - this only happens for our ox users.

      Also interestingly it happens both on the LAN and remote users so don't think it's bandwidth related. Even though I tried increasing the SMTP timeouts etc. in makes no difference.

      Any more ideas?


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        Please provide the network traffic between the client and OX when this happens, just to see if the trigger is sent twice by the user interface or if its a backend issue. Thanks.


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          ok will see I can fire up a ethereal and send the logs...