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    Do you plan to make use of Caldav ?
    I'm not sure to really understand why no one hasn't still support it regarding the huge added value.

    Some tell they want to or plan, maybe it would be easier by using Caldav4j or Cosmo as they're both under the Apache 2 licence.

    What do you think of ?

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    WebDAV.ical is implemented in Open-Xchange since ages
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      iCal is clearly not at all and by far the same thing as Caldav but your webdav api seems to allow many nice things, maybe all what allow the standard Caldav, i have to check it more deeply but if it does why not having adopt directly Caldav ?


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        Well, is suppose webdav.ical is used because many PIM clients such as KDE Kontact are working successfully with it. If you see some major advantages on using CalDAV, why not reporting a Enhancement Bug for this?
        Go right here ->


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          Good idea for your bugzilla and the first use case i think of is ...hmm let's take an example instead , imagine you have :

          - One personal calendar for your private things
          - You're the developer of one or more opensource projects and you have a project management software in each of them (so as much calendars)
          - You also have a calendar system at your office
          - and then on your group calendar of a social networking website

          the problems come just when you're begining to have 2 calendars and i won't list them here but the important thing is to be able to do several things like to operate on many calendars at the same time or to sync them (yes there is also syncml for this one at least if the target server has it), Caldav is an important component to build such things while ical, as i know, operates more in import and export procedures.

          Thanks for you information on PIM clients regarding contacts, i were not aware of and i were wondering what were the range of PIM clients for OX
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