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  • Change IMAP password

    I had to change my email password settings for my primary email due to spam / hacking issues. This is NOT one of the other email addresses you can set up in user settings, but the email that was given when the user was created.

    My username and password to log in at the start screen work fine, and I'm able to receive mail from the primary account, but it will not let me send an email as it ends in an authentication error for SMTP, which I understand because I need to set the new SMTP password. HOW DO I CHANGE THE SMTP PASSWORD FOR A USER?

    I use IMAP and SMTP, which have the same login/password credentials. It is a vagrant install.

    My information from About is:
    UI version: 7.10.1 Rev4
    Server version: 7.10.1-Rev3
    Open-Xchange AG, Hohenzollernring 72, D-50672 Cologne, E-Mail:
    2016-2018 OX Software GmbH

    I love this software but the backend is a nightmare. I can't figure out how 90% of the stuff works. I wish there was a simple, built in GUI for managing users and passwords. Maybe there is and I don't know about it.

    Thanks everybody.

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    IMAP and SMTP passwords are "always" the same within OX. If you can receive mails you should certainly be able to send mails if the SMTP server accepts the same credentials.

    What are your


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      How do I find that information out?

      I guess what I would like to do is change my user ("chackem") smtp / imap username and password. Not the username and password to log into ox. How do I do that?


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        You cannot change the password because OX does not save it. OX by default uses the password you enter at OX login also for IMAP and SMTP authentication.
        (You can find the named properties when you grep for them under /opt/open-xchange/etc but if you do not know where they are you probably haven't changed them from the default.)


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          Thank you Wolfgang,

          that was a small step for you, but a giant leap for me ... ;-)