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  • identify fake emails


    Is there a way in Ox Appsuite to identify a fake email in message view?

    For example, if the "From" field in email data is matching an internal ox user, the message in the inbox is identified as it for the viewer :

    From: "Existing user" <>
    In this case, if Existing user is an Ox contact, the user receiving the message believes it's coming from his contact, but it is not in realitty and can results in risks for his security.

    I'm searching here for a way to distinguish fake emails and true ones, is there any feature for that please?



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    IMHO OX has no straightforward way to create something like a trust chain in that case.
    The MTA is mainly responsible to help here via SPF, DKIM, DMARC (Authenticatlon-Results) which is also not protecting entirely depending on the policy of the sending domain.

    OX can help a bit by visualizing the MTA assessment:


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      Thanks, I found the authenticity module searching in the documentation : it seems to fit exactly my needs (SPF, DKIM and DMARC are already managed by an antispam) but i haven't been able to make it work well yet.

      I configured it with trusted domains and just a fallback image but i don't understand where it should be displayed in AppSuite interface : what did i missed??



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        You might see a difference in color and image (in case configured) of the sender address of an email. If authenticity can be confirmed quite well it should be green. But now as you bring it up I notice that I haven't seen that for a while on my system. Need to check myself what might have changed or broke.


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          I think there is a bug somewhere. Reported one internally.


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            Thanks for the report, i'll follow next Ox fixes waiting for this one