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Caldav & recurrent tasks

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  • Caldav & recurrent tasks


    After the issues mentioned in and, I tried to see if using CalDAV would behave better.

    While it did solve the issue I had with binary attachments (, it seems that recursive tasks are just no supported over CalDAV

    Step to reproduce:
    • Create a task, with a random name, click `Repeat`, it should created as repeating weekly on the same day as the current day
    • Create another task, with a random name, as a simple control that CalDAV is working
    • Try to access the data from caldav:
      • Only the control task will be listed!
    • Export & delete the task
    • Try to save the task via caldav:
      • Results in "400 Bad Request"
    • Import via the web ui: works fine
    This is using OX 7.10.4 with python-caldav 0.8.0.

    Is there something wrong with our setup that could explain why task iCals are not handled in the same way on the UI import/export and the CalDAV interface?
    Thanks in advance,